Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Blast from the past!

If you’re starting at Kingston this September and moving into halls you’ll hopefully find in your new kitchen a copy of Carla’s Cookbook.

This isn’t just any ordinary cookbook but the result of a volunteering project with Kingston Young Carers. The cookbooks were written by Kingston Student Carla to be distributed to Young Carers’ Groups and 6th Form students ready for them to start university. The final product was so great that Kingston University got in on the act and ordered extra for halls. The final batch of these have just been delivered to halls kitchens.

The aim of the cookbook was to promote healthy eating and inspire people to try and cook new things. It ended up being massively successful with requests for copies coming in from Young Carers' groups across London and a fair bit of local media coverage too!

If you’ve just moved into halls look out for it! If you’re new to Kingston Uni, whether that’s just moved into halls or you’ll be commuting from home, welcome and we look forward to meeting you at Fresher’s Fair!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Kingston University Rugby Football Club's First Fun Day

At the start of last year Emmanuel, the Kingston University Rugby Football Club’s Social Sec came to KUSU Volunteering to ask how the rugby club could get involved with some volunteering. We teamed them up with Kingston Young Carers, an organisation that provides fun activities and much needed support to young people with caring responsibilities for a parent or sibling. After a lot of planning from Emmanuel and those involved KURFC’s first fun day all came together on a very sunny day in June. Kingston Young Carers were thrilled with their efforts! Emmanuel reports on the day.

Dave Cougar makes an appearance!
On Wednesday 6th June 2011 myself, Xavi, Twinny, Tim and Adam from  Kingston University Rugby Club, along with 3 important members of Kingston University Students' Union, participated in KURFC’s first ever charity event with children from Kingston Young Carers. It was a hot day with the sun beaming down on Tolworth Sports Ground as the children ranging from the age of 7 to 13 were ready to learn about rugby. Even the carers and parents got involved in the activities. Shuttle sprints, agility hurdles, agility ladders and a passing game of ‘Rugby Duck, Duck, Goose’ were all part of the enjoyment of the day as warm ups to the main part of the day, tag rugby. Having grasped the basic concept of rugby the children enjoyed a couple of games of tag rugby and realised the key to it was quick short passes which was good to see. 

(L-R) Eman, Tim, Adam, Xavi and Twinny
Dave Cougar made a cameo appearance as well giving the children awards for their participation throughout the day. My thanks go out to the members of the KURFC, KUSU members and Kingston Young Carers that without their contributions and efforts, would not have made this day possible.
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