Monday, 18 November 2013

Movember half way point

It has been an awkward couple of weeks since my clean cut introduction to Movember. At this moment in time I am sporting a fairly ridiculous mustache that has drawn it's fair share of ridicule from friends and family. It's still all for a good cause though which has certainly helped me to push on despite being out and about meeting lots of different members of organisations that we are trying to find great volunteering opportunities with.

For a while I was sporting a fairly classic handlebar 'Mo' but in the interest of variety I decided to lose the handlebars this past weekend. There are plenty of other people walking around proudly displaying their facial hair and I have to say it does feel good to be a part of something with so many others. My 'Mo bros' and I are hopefully putting men's health into focus throughout November and it does give you a warm feeling to be doing something good while having a laugh doing it.

With the days in November rapidly disappearing I have to admit I am looking forward to going back to my usual look. It's a very strange feeling to have a warm lip while the rest of you face feels the full force of the November wind.

Remember, if you would like to help out then check out my webpage or come and drop some loose change into my Movember money box in the volunteering office.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Steve's Movember Journey

Movember has become an annual tradition for many. This however, is my first year taking part in the annual craze that raises awareness for Men’s health through the medium of facial hair. As such I thought I would give you the opportunity to go through the journey with me by putting some updates on to the blog along with a few photos.

Last night (Oct 31st) I clean shaved for the first time in years and closed my eyes and hoped I wouldn't wake up looking like I was 14 again. Alas it didn't work and I’m left lamenting my stubbly look.

It is all for a good cause though!! I've teamed up with my friend Chris to support the Royal Marsden, fighting cancer and changing the lives of so many people, including Chris’ father in-law Tony. I will be sure to update you on the progress of my ‘mo’. In the meantime you can find a little more info in the link below. If you want to help me support The Royal Marsden you can also donate through the page or come and see me and the 'mo' in person at the volunteering office in the Town House on Penrhyn road.

If anyone else out there is taking on Movember I’d love to hear about it.   
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