Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Blast from the past!

If you’re starting at Kingston this September and moving into halls you’ll hopefully find in your new kitchen a copy of Carla’s Cookbook.

This isn’t just any ordinary cookbook but the result of a volunteering project with Kingston Young Carers. The cookbooks were written by Kingston Student Carla to be distributed to Young Carers’ Groups and 6th Form students ready for them to start university. The final product was so great that Kingston University got in on the act and ordered extra for halls. The final batch of these have just been delivered to halls kitchens.

The aim of the cookbook was to promote healthy eating and inspire people to try and cook new things. It ended up being massively successful with requests for copies coming in from Young Carers' groups across London and a fair bit of local media coverage too!

If you’ve just moved into halls look out for it! If you’re new to Kingston Uni, whether that’s just moved into halls or you’ll be commuting from home, welcome and we look forward to meeting you at Fresher’s Fair!

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