Monday, 11 June 2012

Volunteering at the Virgin London Marathon!

Michaela with the team of other volunteers
My name is Michaela and during my first year at Kingston University I used the opportunity to volunteer at the Virgin London Marathon 2012. We were given inflatable bang sticks and our job was to cheer as loud as we could every time runners for The Prostate Cancer Charity were passing by to show them our support. I found myself really enjoying the atmosphere – everyone in our cheering group was enthusiastic, the sun was shining and supporting all the brave people felt amazing. Even though it might seem that this kind of volunteering does not make much difference, it does. We had some feedback from the runners - they really appreciated all of our cheers as it really pushed them on. Some even said they might not have finished the marathon if it wasn't for our cheers!

I am happy to have been a part of such a huge event as the Virgin London Marathon. In fact, it was even more fulfilling and inspiring for me than I would have imagined – after having spent a day watching all the wonderful and determined people (many in creative, funny costumes) running for a good cause, I realised I would love to join them one day so finishing the London Marathon and raising money for charity is now on my lifetime to-do list :)

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  1. My name is Rooshmeena and I was a volunteer at the London Virgin Marathon 2012. I was based at the last cheering point which was the most crucial part of the race. The runners were very exhausted at this point and they really needed some encouragement to carry on. By cheering them, I could see a smile on their face and they were very happy to see us supporting them. The atmsophere was fantastic with people coming to join us to cheer the runners. Overall, I would say I had a great time! I found the briefing session we had prior to the actual event was very helpful and was an opportunity for me to meet those who work for the Prostate Cancer Charity and the Breast Cancer Care and learn more about what these charities do :)


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