Friday, 10 May 2013

Mini BioBlitz at Kingston Hill!

KUSU Volunteer Fiona Mahone
Hi, my name is Fiona Mhone and I am a student volunteer at Kingston University. I registered as a KUSU Volunteer in March 2013 and last week I took part in my first One-Off Volunteering project! It was a mini- bio blitz at Kingston Hill with Kingston University Biodiversity Action Group (KUBAG). It was such an amazing experience - we went bird watching in the morning, at lunchtime we had delicious sandwiches, identified different species using microscopes and later in the afternoon we went pond dipping and identified different species in the Kingston Hill pond. The pond dipping was my favourite part as it was educational and great fun.

I would like to urge students to volunteer as much as they can because it’s a really a brilliant way of spending time learning new things. You don’t need to have any specialist skills to experience the joy of volunteering, you just need to be friendly and enthusiastic! 

Check out KUBAG's Bioblitz blog too! 
Smooth Newt!
Elliot in the pond.
John and Dave trying to identify a bee found in the woodland.

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