Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Kingston University Students Donate Items to Kingston Foodbank!

Hi, I’m Hannah I’ve just finished my first year at Kingston University studying Illustration and Animation, and this past month I have been organising a food drop at three of the University halls; Clayhill, Seething Wells and Kingston Bridge House. After seeing so many people move out and just throwing away food I thought something should be done and contacted all of the food bank charities in the area to see if they would be interested in my idea. Kingston Foodbank took me up on my offer and Jemma Houghton, the Volunteer Co-ordinator at KUSU Volunteering supported me to run the project.

In terms of planning for the project I dropped off heavy duty bags at the hall receptions and put up posters I had designed promoting the project. Students were then able to drop off any of their unused imperishable food into these bags in the halls receptions, before they moved out at the end of the halls contract.

In the end a grand total of 122 tins, 23 jars, 12 bottles of herbs, 32 packets of pasta, rice and noodles, 6 cereal boxes, 9 biscuit/chocolate packets, 5 cartons of juice, 4 packets of tea and 4 rolls of clingfilm were donated by students. It was really wonderful knowing that people were willing to support my idea and donate items!

I would really like to continue this every year and think with more time and planning, (as it was a bit of a last minute idea) more could be achieved! It’d be great if it could spread to other universities across London too.

From this experience I would really like to continue volunteering. I am in the process of getting my DBS check so I can volunteer on a regular basis with people with disabilities. I’m also interested in volunteering at the Alzheimer's Society and walking the dogs at the Wimbledon Greyhound Centre. I’d definitely recommend volunteering to other students - it makes you feel like you’re helping even in just a little way!

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