Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Adventures with retired greyhounds!

Very excited to bring you our first installment from a regular KUSU Volunteer! 

My name is Marketa, I am originally from the Czech Republic. I am in my final year of Sociology and Business at Kingston University.  I have been volunteering with KUSU for three years now.

Currently, I am involved in walking retired greyhounds from Hersham Hounds Kennels, who look after about one hundred dogs. The majority of them are waiting for their new owner, but some of the greyhounds cannot be re-homed for various reasons and spend the rest of their life in The Sanctuary.  

 The Hersham Hounds staff rely on volunteers to help with the dog walking and fund raising. I try to go to the kennels once every week and me and my friend walk two hounds each. The dogs are on a short leash and muzzled – although that does not seem too necessary as greyhounds are generally a very mellow breed. Each walk takes about 15 minutes and takes place outside the kennels. 

Hersham is quite far away from central London, so the surroundings could be easily mistaken for countryside. We often walk around a meadow, which is usually very muddy. The dogs do not mind at all, but it served as a great excuse for me to buy cute wellies! 

When we reach the end of our walk, the sad part comes: the greyhounds slow down as they know they will have to go back to their kennels. Well, I cannot adopt one now , but I always promise them I will come back in the future and take a few of the hounds home.

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