Monday, 29 October 2012

Volunteer Event Supporter - Prostate Cancer UK

Hi my name is Natalie Flower and I’m a third year Child Nursing student from Kingston University. On Sunday 7th October 2012 I volunteered at the Royal Parks Half Marathon for Prostate Cancer UK in central London. It was a One-Off Volunteering opportunity and my role was to cheer on the runners as they ran past and to give out jelly babies to give the runners more energy! One of my friends volunteered at the event last year and when she told me about the experience and how much fun it was, I thought it was something I would like doing too. 
Cheering the runners on 
What I enjoyed most was the look on the runners’ faces when they reached the cheering team as they seemed really grateful of our support. We gave them the boost to keep on running. What’s also great was that the charity reimbursed me for my travelcard, so the day didn’t cost me a penny.

Volunteering makes you feel good about yourself, whilst helping others; it gives you the chance to meet new people and do things you wouldn't normally do. I have already signed up for my next One-Off Volunteering activity through KUSU Volunteering and look forward to many more! I’m also going to put all of my volunteering experiences on my CV as next year I will be looking for a graduate job and my volunteering will increase my employability. 

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