Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hello from Steve!

Hi, my name is Steve and I'm very excited to be your new Community Placements Volunteer Co-ordinator. I will be taking over from Abbie and working alongside Sarah Dutton who is the Student and Staff-led Projects Volunteer Co-ordinator. I’m just getting settled in to my new role at the moment but can’t wait to start helping you to volunteer on some exciting and worthwhile projects out in the community.

I love volunteering and come from a background of recruiting and co-ordinating volunteers having most recently co-ordinated volunteer mentors at National Citizenship Service provider, The Challenge Network. Volunteering has been a huge part of my life and has opened so many doors for me, including an international placement and the chance to discuss volunteering with government officials and CEOs. I am really excited to be at Kingston University Students Union (KUSU) to help you open the same doors and so many more.

Volunteering benefits so many people and my aim going forward is to show that it is also FUN! Often we can forget that what we are doing is making a difference because it is so enjoyable. If we can’t find you something that you think is your idea of fun, why not get in touch with Sarah ( and plan your own project. Whichever route you wish to follow we will be here to make your volunteering ambitions possible.  Now is a great chance to test out volunteering if you haven’t before as London Student Volunteering Fortnight runs from the 28th October- 8th November and offers the chance to get involved and see what it’s all about.

I can’t wait to start meeting you all and talking to you about exciting opportunities. If you have any questions about community volunteering then please get in touch with me ( I would also love to hear from those of you already volunteering about what you are up to at the moment. 

Whatever it is about volunteering that peaks your interest, get in touch to see how you can get involved!

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